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P E R S O N A L     P R O F I L E


Kerry Pollock brings a variety of unique capabilities and extensive experience to any project requiring attention to detail and creative customization.  He has a strong, well-rounded background in engineering, technical design, electronics, software development, remote control technologies, and robotics.  Coupled with his years of experience as a professional entertainer, Kerry has the unique ability to create custom special effects for magicians, illusionists, special attractions, theme parks, special venues, etc. 

Kerry Pollock possesses the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to create, build and implement a one-of-a-kind attraction complete with the proper theme, special interactive effects, computer-assisted automation and control, and much more.  Kerry’s previous projects have set the standard when it comes to safety, reliability, entertainment effect, and overall impact. 

Background and Experience:

• Former Process Engineer at the Hoover Company

• Free-lance design engineer for numerous corporations including Goodyear, LTV Steel, high-tolerance U.S. Government projects and more.

• Design and develop special tooling and machinery necessary to create and complete projects.

• Pioneer in electronics and software development for implementation into magic illusions, special effects, robotics and           animation.

• Founded his company, Wireless Wizardry Inc., in 1985, to supply the entertainment industry with remote-control sound systems, custom electronic control systems for theatrical lighting and audio, magic effects, and other custom projects.  One of his most-popular products, The Showtech, has become the industry standard in portable computerized remote control sound systems.

• Consults and designs custom electronics for many other illusion builders.

• Consulted and manufactured magic illusions and special electronic effects for world-famous magic venues including Disney (Orlando, Florida); Caesar’s Magical Empire (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada); Malone’s Magic Bar (Boca Raton, Florida); Warren & Annabelle’s (Maui, Hawaii); Villa Livera-Magic Mansion (Orlando, Florida).

• Consulted and built effects for world class performers including Lance Burton, Penn & Teller, Harry Anderson, Criss Angel, Amazing Jonathan, David Copperfield and others.

• Created and developed Bonk!, the hot new comedy game show, a smash hit in Las Vegas. 

• Professional magic performer, comedian, emcee and comedy writer for over 20 years.

Product & Service Testimonials:

"Kerry is a world class designer and inventor, specializing in wireless electronics which incidentally work faultlessly.   He is ingenious, trustworthy and a true gentleman."

                                                                                                - Teller (Penn & Teller)

"Kerry Pollock is not only the best in the business, he’s a nice guy and easy to deal with."

                                                                                                - Michael Close, MAGIC Magazine

"It is so nice to be able to have a complicated lighting scheme run so smoothly and consistently each time. I would never be able to have a stage tech duplicate the results that I get with the Showtech.  As an extra added bonus, I can use the light board to trigger my pyrotechnics, making my whole show automated through the Showtech."

                                                                                                - Brock Edwards, Professional Magician

"Thank you so much for your outstanding products and your integrity that ensures continued quality!"

                                                                                                 - Don Townsend, Comedy Magician

                                                                        Professional References: 

            Lance Burton                                                              Warren Gibson
            Lance Burton Theater                                                 Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Theater
            Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino                                      900 Front St. Suite 202
            3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South                               Lahaina, Hi. 96761
            Las Vegas, NV  89109                                               808-667-6244

            David Sandy, President                                               Bill Smith, President
            David Sandy Productions, Inc.                                    Magic Ventures
           International Brotherhood of Magicians                        3518 W. Post Rd.
            1835 West Hwy 76, Suite B                                       Las Vegas, Nv. 89118
            Branson, MO  65616                                                 (702)-897-1224
            (417) 336-1600 ext 6304                   

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